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On-line Autism Training

Web-based, core-training courses in autism are offered by the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism and are housed on the Region 13 server. Please follow links below for courses and instructions. Each course is free of charge, six hours of training, has multimedia (audio, text, video), is open to all professionals, paraprofessionals, parent/family and community member and need not be completed in one sitting. To receive a certificate of completion, a short test with 70 percent accuracy is required. 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication and the Autism Spectrum — FA1522637
Autism for the General Education Teacher — FA1519900
Autism 101:Top Ten Pieces to the Puzzle — FA1519638
Classroom Organization: The Power of Structure for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder — FA1519640
Communication: The Power of Communication for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders — FA1519641
Futures Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders — FA1520214
Navigating the Social Maze: Supports & Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders — FA1519642
Solving the Behavior Puzzle: Making Connections for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders — FA1519644


En Español

Autismo 101: Las 10 piezas principales del rompecabezas — FA1519639
Communicación: El Poder de Communicación de las personas con Desórdenes del Especto de Autismo — FA1520408
Organización de la Clase: El Poder de la Estructura para los Individuos con Desórdenes del Especto de Autismo — FA1520213
Resolución del enigma de la Conducta: Conexiones para las Personas con Desórdenes del Espectro de Autismo — FA1520232
Travesía por el Labertion Social: Apoyo e Intervenciones sociales para individuos con Desórdenes del Especto de Autismo — FA1520215


Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training (TSLAT) Online Course Listing

Strategies for Working with Students with Autism in the General Education Setting

If you only have 30 minutes for professional development, this series is for you! This 12-part series of 30-minute courses presented by Dr. Amanda Boutot was designed to give general educators, parents, administrators, paraprofessionals and others quick, practical strategies that can be easily implemented in the general education classroom.

Strategy 1: Understanding Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Workshop #SP1223601
Strategy 2: Get to Know the Individual Student. Workshop #SP1223602
Strategy 3: Create Predictability.  Workshop #SU1224754
Strategy 4: Develop Clear Expectations, Part 1 — Social and Behavioral. Workshop #SU1224755
Strategy 5: Develop Clear Expectations, Part 2 — Academic.  Workshop #SU1224756
Strategy 6: Create a Positive Learning Community. Workshop #SU1224757
Strategy 7: Promote Positive Peer Interaction. Workshop #SU1224758
Strategy 8: Use Instructional Strategies That Promote Successful Learning.  Workshop #SU1224759
Strategy 9: Use Behavioral Strategies That Promote Success Learning. Workshop #SU1224760
Strategy 10: Develop a Plan to Address Challenging Behavior.  Workshop #SU1224751
Strategy 11: Borrow from the Special Educator’s Toolbox.  Workshop #SU1224752
Strategy 12: Respect Each Student’s Dignity and Need for Autonomy.  Workshop #SU1224753

School-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Based on information from the National Professional Development Center (NPDC) on Autism Spectrum Disorders, this six part series on ABA programs for the classroom is designed to give participants practical information and strategies for use in the classroom.

Course 1: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Evidence-Based Practices, and the Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis (45 minutes) — Workshop #FA1225029
Course 2: Reinforcement and Extinction (1.5 hours) — Workshop #FA1225039
Course 3: Challenging Behavior Assessment and Treatment (1 hour) — Workshop #FA1225037
Course 4: Communication and Social Skills Training (1 hour) — Workshop #FA1225040
Course 5: Instructional Strategies (4 hours) — Workshop #FA1225035
Course 6: Classroom and Environmental Arrangement (1.5 hours) — Workshop #FA1225033


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