Delphina Maxie

At the May Lufkin ISD school board meeting, Delphina Maxie was sworn in as a new member of the Lufkin ISD Board of Trustees.

“I did want to thank everyone for coming out and being a part and thank you so much for your love and support. I’m excited about what God is doing. I’m going to continue to do what we’ve always done, put our children first and do all that we can to make sure that our schools are better, our teachers are better, and we can do whatever we can to make our community a better place,” said Mrs. Maxie.

Allyson Langston was sworn in this afternoon so she could attend a school event for her daughter. Mrs. Langston has served on the school board since 2013.


Allyson Langston

At the meeting, Transportation Director Tiffany Sootoo was introduced to the board. She has already made great gains in the month that she has been employed with Lufkin ISD already hiring six new bus drivers.

In other actions, the board had the opportunity to reorganize.

“I think Mr. Henderson has done an amazing job as president, and Mrs. Gay as vice president and Mrs. Langston as secretary,” said Scott Skelton. The board unanimously voted for the three positions to remain the same.

“I appreciate the teamwork of this board and know that will continue,” said Mr. Henderson, president of the board.