The Lufkin High School Criminal Justice team faced 750 competitors from all over the state at the 2022 Texas Public Service Association’s State competition. The team brought home first place in the category of Felony Traffic Stops, second place in the category of Fire Bunker Gear Race and fourth place in Qualifying an Expert Witness.

“The Lufkin High School Criminal Justice Competition Team represented Lufkin, Lufkin ISD, Lufkin High School, and the CTE department with prestige, honor and integrity,” said Johnnie Shepherd LHS Criminal Justice teacher.

The students who took home first place in Felony Traffic Stops are Alorah Rogers, senior; Octavio Hernandez, senior; Yosie Rodriguez, senior, and Anastasia Ramos, freshman. This team competition encourages students to develop the skill sets, communication skills and safety precautions required by police officers as they conduct a felony traffic stop. Students will be able to demonstrate safety skills, proper handling of dangerous persons and work as an effective team.

Evelyn Castillo, senior, won second place in the Fire Bunker Gear Race. This race encourages students to develop the skills to don firefighter protective gear properly and quickly as they would do in a real world practical application.

Sarah Edwards, sophomore, won fourth place in Qualifying an Expert Witness. This competition encourages criminal justice students to improve their ability to properly qualify an individual as a testimonial expert witness in a court.

“I would like to thank everyone who made our trip to State Competition happen and the team members we left at home. Please congratulate our future law enforcement officers, lawyer, and firewoman on their hard work and dedication. They represented us well,” said Shepherd.


Anastasia Ramos, Yosie Rodriguez, Alorah Rogers, Octavio Hernandez


Evelyn Castillo


Johnnie Shepherd, Criminal Justice Teacher and Sarah Edwards