The Administrative Services Department recognized four employees in February who have shown leadership and dedication in their positions.

“These employees work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that our staff and students have everything they need to be successful. It’s that dedication to strive for excellence that we want to celebrate in these four employees. Thank you for your service,” said Daniel Spikes, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services.


Pictured from left Mr. George Sellers, Antonia Saldivar, Jesus (Chuy) Rodriguez

Antonia Saldivar, Head custodian at Burley Elementary

9 years with the district

“Mrs. Antonia to let you know first of all she is a good rode model, her attendance is good, her expectations of keeping her school is great, she’s a team player,  and helps in other schools when needed, she never complains and treats her employees with respect she is an over all great employee,” said Jesus (Chuy) Rodriguez, Custodial Supervisor.


From left Bobby Snowden and Johnnie Ross

Bobby Snowden, Grounds

11 years with the district

“Bobby always goes above and beyond to make sure his job is done,” said Johnnie Ross, Maintenance Director.


From left Mary Rangel, Susan Noel, Yolanda Acevedo and Amanda Calk.

Yolanda Acevedo Kurth, Student Nutrition Services Specialist

2 years with the district

“She was chosen due her to willingness to be a team player, has a great attitude, lots of energy, and a big smile for our students,” said Amanda Calk, Student Nutrition Services Director.


From left Wayne Grissom and Sam Elam

Sam Elam, bus driver

11 years with the district

“Sam is an “old school” good guy. Always pleasant and has a charm about him that people gravitate toward. He is an excellent example for our kids and he truly cares about this community,” said Wayne Grissom, Transportation Director.