Students were transfixed when they came on campus today to find that their school was transformed into a Fall wonderland. Dunbar Primary participated in the Rock Your School event that makes learning and teaching fun with a day of themed activities.

“Despite this year being our most challenging yet as educators, we’ve learned the true importance of community and lifting each other up. That’s why this October, we’re bringing back Rock Your School! Each year thousands of educators from around the world participate in Rock Your School, impacting millions of students,” according to the Rock Your School website at

The teachers and PTK at Dunbar Primary went all out creating a fun theme that included corn stalks, pumpkins, bats, spiders, farmers market, glow in the dark activities, mad scientists and skeletons. Students enjoyed spider hats, glow in the dark face paint, creative experiments and lots of googly and squishy fun.

Dorinda Wade, principal of Dunbar Primary, said students were having a great day and were so surprised when they walked in the doors.

“The students are still reading, learning math facts and doing school work just with a twist,” she said.

One kindergartener student was thrilled to show off how his teacher had bats in her room. Thankfully they were attached to a string swirling around the ceiling. The students were excited to show off their new vocabulary like “nocturnal”, and one student said she likes to sleep upside down like a bat.

Dunbar Primary always does a great job of making learning fun, but today’s event went to another level of outrageous learning. Thanks to all of the staff and PTK at Dunbar for going above and beyond!