From left: Talon; Kungleng; Nathan McDowell, Pilgrim’s Plant Manager; Dana Bickley, Kurth Principal; Aimee Meyers, Kurth Instructional Coach; Roxie Nash, Assistant Principal; Arturo Fernandez, Pilgrim’s HR Manager; Zoe, TaRiyah, Emily Merriman, Pilgrim’s COVID Supervisor; Daniel Spikes, Lufkin ISD Assistant Supt.


Covid-19 has presented lots of challenges in the school setting this year, and Pilgrim’s has reached out to Kurth Primary to help find solutions on making learning fun and safe.

“At the beginning of the school year, we were looking for solutions to outdoor seating especially with Covid-19 restrictions. We have a beautiful property and no outdoor seating. Pilgrim’s Plant Manager Christian Dempsey helped partner with the campus to secure picnic tables for our students.”

Pilgrim’s provided the funding for 20 industrial picnic tables with protective plastic coating in Kurth Tiger green for the campus.

“The tables will be in three different areas on the campus and spaced out as needed. The tables will help utilize the outdoor area more effectively and efficiently,” said Bickley.

Principal Bickley mentioned that this isn’t the first partnership with Pilgrim’s. Aimee Meyers, Kurth Primary Instructional Coach, has partnered with the school on the annual chicken spaghetti fund raiser for the school in the past.

“This outdoor seating will give us the flexibility on where we can have teaching and learning. The students will have a place to read outside and these tables will make learning fun,” said Mrs. Meyers.

Four students joined in the photo op: Kungleng, Zoe, TaRiyah and Talon. They were very curious on how the large check was going to be deposited at the bank. They also presented a ‘thank you’ poster to the Pilgrim’s representatives with signatures from lots of Kurth Tigers.