Students at Herty Primary are participating in kinesthetic learning with Think & Learn Smart Cycles. The cycles are designed for students PreK through first grade and will be used to help special needs children learn while pedaling. The more kids pedal, the more kids can learn.

According to Amanda Smith, digital specialist, the smart cycles are an immersive play experience.

“The iPad goes into the smart cycle and the kids can answer questions about reading as they pedal. It’s kinetic learning,” she said.

Smith’s son is a student at Herty Primary and when she found out about the cycles, she knew that his class could benefit. LISD Technology Director Brad Stewart found out about the need and was eager to see the smart cycles at Herty campus.

“When I found out there was a need, and if I can help utilize technology like that for kids during the day, that’s what I’m here for,” he said.

With funding from the Technology Department, the campus received two iPads and two Think & Learn Smart Cycles to support kinesthetic learning.

Herty Primary Principal Jill Riggs said, “The Think and Learn Cycle helps meet sensory needs while helping maintain attention, working on body coordination, hand-eye coordination, as well as, letter recognition, number recognition and other beginning academic skills. Learning to ride a bike can be challenging for many students and the Think and Learn Cycle also lets them experience “bike riding” in a safe, controlled environment.