Students of all ages will have the opportunity to continue studies at home with the newly launched Lufkin Learns @ Home webpage. The site is full of activities and enrichment opportunities for parents to share with their children. Lessons are organized by grade levels Pre-K through high school. The assignments and activities are for the week of March 23–27 and will be updated weekly. For easy access, the website link is on the first page of the website or click below.


For those who are unable to log on to the site electronically, printed packets will be available to pick up at all campuses on Monday, March 23, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for students Pre-K through 5th grade. Curriculum packets for secondary students will be available Monday, March 23, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. only at Lufkin Middle School and Lufkin High School. 


Pre-School through 5th grade curriculum packets may be picked up at any of these locations:

Burley Primary 502 Joyce Lane

Dunbar Primary 1807 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Garrett Primary 229 Leach St.

Hackney Primary 708 Lubbock St.

Herty Primary 2804 Paul Ave.

Kurth Primary 521 York Drive

Trout Primary 1014 Allendale Drive

Anderson Elementary 381 Champions Drive

Brandon Elementary 1612 Sayers St.

Brookhollow Elementary 1009 Live Oak Lane

Coston Elementary 707 Trenton St.

Slack Elementary 1305 Fuller Springs Drive

Lufkin Middle School 900 E. Denman Ave.

Lufkin High School 309 S. Medford Drive


Secondary curriculum packets may be picked up at these locations:

Packets for LMS students are only available at Lufkin Middle School 900 E. Denman Ave.

Packets for LHS students are only available at Lufkin High School 309 S. Medford Drive