From left to right, Kinnie Reina, President-Elect of the Angelina Rotary Club; Cindy Stewart, Assistant Principal at Burley Primary; Angela Pool, 1st grade teacher at Burley Primary, Crystal Williams, President of Angelina Rotary


Angela Pool, 1st grade teacher at Burley Primary, was awarded the Dawn Youdan Memorial Teacher Grant given annually by the Angelina Rotary Club. This year, two teachers were awarded $1,000 each for an innovative classroom idea. Mrs. Pool’s grant idea was for the purchase of Hue Animation for the four 1st grade dual language classes at Burley Primary. Hue Animation brings to life inanimate objects like Legos or clay by using an HD camera and software.


Mrs. Pool said that this type of learning will give the students the opportunity to problem solve and work with each other. She said when students work together they learn a whole lot more by talking with each other.


The students can come up with storylines and are only limited by their imagination. Mrs. Pool will come back to another Angelina Rotary meeting at the end of the school year to show how her students implemented the new cameras and software in the classroom.


Mrs. Pool demonstrating Hue Animation to the Angelina Rotary Club.