Robyn Segrest, LHS Robotics teacher said, “I had the distinct pleasure of officially accepting our invitation to compete in the First in Texas District/UIL State Robotics Championship this morning. This event has more at stake than the state trophy. Depending upon our performance in Austin we may further qualify for FIRST World Championships being held later this month in Houston – something we have never done.”

Texas is considered a powerhouse state in the world of FIRST Robotics. The LHS Pantherbots are ranked 24th out of 183 teams in Texas. The competition begins this Thursday through Saturday in Austin, Texas. The team is made up of 28 members. The team recently competed in Greenville and Channelview to seal the state invitation.

Segrest said, “Watch our students go ‘toe to toe’ with previous World Championship and FIRST Hall of Fame teams such as, Robonauts – Clear Lake ISD, Texas Torque – College Park ISD, RoboWranglers – Greenville ISD, and CRyptonite – Katy ISD, just to name a few. These teams are sponsored by entities such as NASA, Rockwell Automation, and Boeing and our ‘little’ team out of East Texas is holding their own with them.”

The competition can be seen live on Twitch Tv.


Pantherbots 2019