From left: Christopher Torres, Kynsli Staudt, Keylli Lucas, Marlene Sandoval, Kennedy Clark, Jovanni Guerrero, Jay Santana, Valerie Herrera, Ailyne Amador

The spelling bee is open to all students and consists of English and Spanish words. The speller may get a Spanish or English word, whichever word is next on the list. For example “Your word is vaca.  Vaca is the Spanish word for cow.  Vaca.”  And they have to spell the word vaca.  Or “Your word is dog.  Dog is the English word for perro.  Dog.” And they have to spell dog. The winning word spelled by 1st grader Christopher Torres was wheel. Congratulations to our Burley Bobcat spellers!
Champion and Top 1st Grade Speller: Christopher Torres
2n Place:  Kynsli Staudt

3rd Place: Keylli Lucas, T.

4th Place:  Marlene Sandoval,
 5th Place and Top Kinder Speller: Kennedy Clark
Awesome Speller, 2nd Grade:  Jovanni Guerrero
Awesome Speller, 1st Grade:  Jay Santana
Awesome Speller, 1st Grade:  Valerie Herrera, T.
Awesome Speller, Kinder:  Ailyne Amador