The May Education Foundation board meeting was held at the newly designed educational space called the “STREAM Lab” on the Slack Elementary campus. The Lab’s innovative ideas and conception were dreamed up by staff members Gustavo Monsante, Viola Moreland, Diana Sandoval, Larry Cupit, Carol Riley, Camille Jones and Angie Lassiter. The STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math) Lab will create hands-on experiences and real world connections for all Slack Elementary students. The space was designed for students to walk in and interact with the environment. The room is filled with computer tablets, state-of-the-art microscopes, models of earth, moon, planets and volcanoes, as well as art activities that relate to science and math.

The Education Foundation wrote a check for $4,999.30 to be used in the STREAM LAB. Along with another $10K raised by the school and PTO, the lab is ready for student interaction. Mr. Monsante showed the board before and after photos and talked about how the students were involved in creating the space. Taylor Brothers Paint chipped in for paint and volunteers from churches helped with the work. Students painted some shelving and helped set up the room. Mr. Monsante thanked the board for giving teachers the freedom to dream.

During the meeting, students wowed the board members with some of the items in the lab such as the microscopes and tablets.

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