Senior at Lufkin High School, Aman Khan, needed a community project to finish up his qualifications for Eagle Scout, the highest recognition of the  Boy Scouts of America. Khan wanted to make a difference at his high school so he designed, built and displayed a beautiful communication board for flyers and information in the main street hall in the high school. He also built a second one to hang on the second floor at the high school in a popular spot.

Khan said, “I wanted to do something for the school because it is my second home, and I cannot express how much I value all that LISD has given me.”

In deciding what project to pursue he asked the LHS counselors and teachers what they would like or what they needed.

He said, “I was told that wooden communication boards to replace the current metal ones would be great so I drew my plans, reviewed what I was thinking with Mrs. Mcmanus, and then went about collecting funds and buying the materials.”

Khan had help with the project from his neighbor, Mr. Squiers, who does woodworking as a hobby, and Mr. Fry, a Building Trades teacher at Lufkin High School.

Khan said, “I asked Mr. Squiers to help me with the project. We worked every weekend in his garage, and he would instruct me in how to build the boards. Once the boards were done, Mr. Fry helped sketch the words and the Panther.”

Khan has completed his Eagle Scout requirements and passed the Board of Review. He now is  waiting on the paperwork from Washington that he should receive in the next couple of weeks. Once that arrives, an official ceremony will take place to recognize him for his accomplishment.