Parents & Students

Welcome to the Lufkin ISD Parents & Students page, where we hope you’ll find all of the necessary information you need for a successful school year. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information than what is listed below. We look forward to working with you to ensure a wonderful school year.


School Supplies Lists 2019-20 (PDF) ▶︎ English ▶︎ Spanish

  2019-20 School Bus Sign-Up Dates (PDF)

  2019-20 Student/Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct (PDF) ▶︎ English ▶︎ Spanish

  Back to School Health Tips from the Doctors You Trust

  Online grades, attendance

  Lufkin ISD blog network

  Lufkin ISD calendar

  School menus and nutrition information

  Parent Organization Contacts for LISD campuses

  Lufkin ISD 2019-20 Dress Code (PDF) ▶︎ English ▶︎ Spanish

  ACE alternative school dress code 2019-20 (PDF)

  Transportation information

  Lufkin ISD Over-the-Counter Medication Form (PDF) ▶︎ English ▶︎ Spanish

  Lufkin ISD Prescription Medication Form (PDF) ▶︎ English ▶︎ Spanish

  Panther Community Forum (PDF)

  Panther Desktop Portal

  STAAR test resources

  Student Transfers (Word)

  TEKS test resources

  Student Success Initiative Brochure (PDF)

  2019-20 District Improvement Plan (PDF)

  Lufkin ISD State of the School Update (PDF)

  Lufkin ISD 5-Year Strategic Plan 2013-18 (PDF)

  Lufkin ISD’s District of Innovation Plan (PDF)

  Volunteer information

  Bullying Incident link


Student resources

  Agile Mind


  Google Apps for Education

  Online Educational Activities