The LHS Anchor Club members have been collecting plastic grocery bags to partner with the ladies of Herty Baptist Church in “Mats that Matter”. The students prepare used plastic bags that will be crocheted into blankets and pillows and distributed to our homeless community.

“Mats that Matter” was presented to the LHS Anchor Club through the mother organization, Lufkin Pilot Club.

“Several of our Pilots are members of this initiative and felt it would be a great partnership for our LHS Anchors, Pilots, and the ladies of Herty Baptist Church. The program was started three years ago and to date there have been at least 60 mats produced,” said Tarska Owens, LHS Anchor Club Advisor.

It takes approximately 200 bags to complete one mat and the students collect and organize them to send to the ladies.

“LHS Anchor Club members are delighted to partner with the “Mats that Matter” program. It is through this program that our youth are able to experience what it truly means to Give Back, Do More, Be More, and Care More for others; all while ensuring that one less individual of our homeless community doesn’t have to be exposed to the harsh elements of our environment,” said Mrs. Owens.



To find out how to donate bags, contact Tarska Owens at