The Lufkin ISD Board of Trustees approved a new compensation plan for all employees at the July board meeting. Thanks to the school finance reforms in House Bill 3, Lufkin ISD will receive 10.4 million in additional funds. The bill requires districts to give a minimum of 30% of the funds to salary increases; however, the school board chose to spend 40% of the additional funds for raises. Of that 30%, exactly 75% must go to teachers, registered nurses, counselors, and librarians with priority to those who have five or more years of experience. The remaining 25% of that money must go to all other employees, excluding administrators.

The board approved $3.2 million for salary increases for teachers, registered nurses, counselors and librarians, $1.2 million for all other employees, and $500,000 for administrators.

First year teachers at Lufkin ISD will have a starting salary of $45,510 — $11,850 above the state required starting pay. Bus drivers will receive an increase of a starting hourly wage of $14.70. Classroom aides received raises also with a beginning classroom aide salary increasing from $13,184 to $15,648.

Teachers only:

Listed on the chart below includes the step number, proposed increase, salary, and the percent increase of the raise.

To calculate your salary, your completed years of teaching experience corresponds to the step for the teacher pay scale.

For example:  If you have completed three years of teaching experience, you are on step 3.  If you are a beginning teacher, you have zero years of experience so you will be on step zero.


For any questions about the compensation plan, please email Sheila Adams at