There is such as thing as a free lunch, especially if you’re defending our community and creating a safe environment for our students to learn. As part of the district’s Safety and Security Plan, Lufkin ISD is offering free lunch and free entrance to athletic events to officers in order to have a larger security presence on the district’s fifteen campuses. School board president, Scott Skelton, announced at the August board meeting that any officer from the Lufkin Police Department, Angelina County Sheriff’s Department, or Department of Public Safety is welcome to come to any of the fifteen Lufkin ISD campuses to join students for a free lunch or an athletic event, preferably dressed in uniform.

Skelton said, “If you’re an officer and near one of our campuses, we invite you to come eat lunch and visit with our students. Officers will simply need to show their badge and can receive a free, hot lunch. We feel this is a great community opportunity to get to know us better. We also extend this invitation to our athletic events.”

The Safety and Security Plan for the district is headed up by the Chief of the Lufkin ISD Police Department, Jay Jost, who gives a monthly report at the district’s board meetings to update the board about possible safety ideas and security needs.

For more information, contact Sheila Adams, Executive Director of Communications & Public Relations at (936)630-4246.