Pictured from left: Irma Moye, Patty Lee (manager), Vickie Landrum, Elvia Guerrero

It’s that time of month again to recognize a cafeteria staff that has gone above and beyond to serve the children on their campus. The Golden Spatula award was given to the cafeteria employees at Brookhollow Elementary, Manager Patty Lee, Irma Moye, Vickie Landrum and Elvia Guerrero.

Student Nutrition Services Director, Amanda Calk, said, “They have exhibited great teamwork this year and an overall great attitude. They love their kiddos and love to decorate, or even wear silly headhoppers, just to make their students happy. We appreciate the hard work that they do and are so proud of them.”
The staff was treated to pizza donated from TJ’s Pizza and a homemade cookie cake made by Mrs. Calk.