This month the Golden Spatula was awarded to the Hackney Primary cafeteria staff. The staff have exhibited teamwork in the kitchen.  Ms. Gardiner, cafeteria manager, has worked hard to promote teamwork especially when overcoming challenges.

Pictured from left to right: Amanda Calk, SNS Director; Delisa Gardiner Manager Hackney Cafeteria, Martha Lerma, Martini Sullivan, and Janet Patel.

The team decorates the kitchen each season to make it more inviting for the students. They take time after they finish serving food to go out into the cafeteria and talk to their kids (3-year-olds). They encourage the children to eat nutritional foods and enjoy interacting with them.  Service with a smile is the mantra for this staff.  

The cafeteria team learns the names of all of the students and call them by name so that they are not just a number in the lunch line.

The Golden Spatula is awarded each month to a campus cafeteria team that goes above and beyond simply serving food. They interact with the students and make breakfast and lunch a positive experience for each child.The award is given from the Student Nutrition Services Department.