Six students across East Texas won $500 in the “It Pays to Make A’s” program at Huntington State Bank, one being from Burley Primary. Matthew Shepherd, second grader from Burley Primary, stood in a line with his class on Wednesday morning waiting patiently to hear which student’s name was chosen for the $500 prize.

Stacey Willmann, Marketing Director for Huntington State Bank, said, “Every time a student makes an “A”, their parent can enter them for the drawing, and twice a year the bank awards six students.” Ms. Willmann and Donna Mulholland, BSA Officer, awarded Matthew with the $500 certificate good for one savings account at Huntington State Bank.

Ms. Willmann said, ” The contest encourages students to make good grades, and they can also save for their future. It’s a win-win.”

While announcing the winner, Ms. Willmann suggested they could use the money for college or possibly a car down the road. Some of the students chimed in or a house or a property.

Matthew said his favorite subject in school is math. Although he doesn’t know what he wants to do with the money yet, his birthday is on Friday, perfect timing. It pays to make A’s!