Website How-Tos


How to post a story and/or photo(s)
  • Log in to your site’s dashboard at (Replace XXXXX with the campus — like kurth or lhs or lms)
  • Click “New post” at the top of the page
  • Give the post a headline in the “Enter title here” field at the top
  • Enter your text in the large text window; you can use bold, italics, bulleted lists, pull quotes and links
  • Place your photo(s) on the page
  • Give the post one or more “Categories” by checking the boxes on the right side of the page; be sure to use “Homepage Featured” if you want the post to show up at the top of your website’s front page
  • Feel free to add “Tags” below “Categories” (Example: One of the categories may be “Athletics” and the tag can be “Football”)
  • Set the Featured Image; this is the photo that will show up at the top of your front page (if it’s a “Homepage Featured” post) and in the thumbnails of other post lists … Tip: Horizontal photos work best as the Featured Image
  • Press the “Publish” button on the right
  • Check your post with the “View post” link at the top of the page
  • Go to your “Posts” (on the left side of the page) to make any necessary changes


Add an event to your school’s Google Calendar

Send the info for your public school event (including event title, time, date and location, along with an optional link and/or attachment) to


Contact the webmaster

You can reach Andy Adams at or by calling the LHS yearbook classroom at (936) 630-4141. Let me know of any changes to your Department page, Staff page or any other part of your website.