Young Scholars

The Young Scholars Program is an initiative of LISD that provides enrichment and extension for third through fifth grade advanced learners who are not enrolled in the Dual Language or Gifted and Talented programs. We recognize that advanced learners are on every campus and in every grade level. Young Scholars are students who stand out in their classrooms as high achievers and are often leaders among their peers. As a district, we believe it is our responsibility to expand upon what these students learn in the classroom, to recognize their abilities, and to build self-confidence. The Young Scholars Program is designed to do just that. Participation in Young Scholars is criteria based and by invitation. Sessions for these students are divided into units of study connecting to core curricular areas, each with a specific focus such as art and technology. During each unit, students meet once per week for hands-on sessions with specialist in the focus area. Young Scholars is one example of the many opportunities provided by LISD for recognizing student success and potential.


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