Join a District Committee

Ministers Roundtable

The Lufkin ISD administration team meets with the ministers in the community twice a year to provide information and collaborate on projects and mentor opportunities for parishioners. To find out more, contact Sheila Adams at (936) 630-4246 or


Nuestras Madres

The Nuestras Madres committee meets once a month to discuss how to communicate in a more effective way with the Hispanic community. The committee is made up mostly of mothers, but all are welcome. The meetings are conducted completely in Spanish to alleviate any language barriers. The committee is also responsible for the Evento en Español, a community event completely in Spanish that includes informative sessions, student entertainment and delicious food. If you would like to get involved with the committee, please contact Elizabeth Lopez at (936) 633-7130 or


Tri-Ethnic Committee

The committee consists of 12 members composed of two white males, two white females, two African-American males , two African-American females, two Hispanic males and two Hispanic females. All members are required to reside within the geographic boundaries of the Lufkin Independent School District. The committee meets four times per year and is considered an advisory committee to the board of trustees on any issues concerning ethnicity within the district. To find out more, contact Sheila Adams at (936) 630-4246 or