Lufkin ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya Goffney

Superintendent’s Corner

Recent columns by Lufkin ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya Goffney:


  • Lufkin High School curriculum offers many choices
    When I went to school, our choices were very limited. I didn’t have the options afforded to students today.
  • Gifts that will last a lifetime
    It’s the holiday season, and through the hustle and bustle of buying presents and all of the festivities, I take the time to reflect on the gifts that really matter, the gifts that are lifelong, the gifts that years from now students will talk about and retell to their children and grandchildren.
  • Education has, in fact, made all the difference
    I was told that education would make all the difference, and when I stood onstage with the four men who were chosen among the more than a thousand superintendents statewide, I believed it.
  • Making the trek to Williamsport, Pa. — 'Because I Said I Would'
    Alex Sheen began an international movement called “Because I Said I Would” based on the premises of simply keeping your word. My promise was that if the Thundering 13 make it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, I’ll be there to support them.
  • Lufkin schools do their best to help Hurricane Harvey victims
    Some of the toughest decisions a school superintendent has to make usually involve issues that are completely out of his or her control — the weather, for instance.
  • Lufkin City Council members, local legislators support our students
    With all the rhetoric about public schools these days, it’s good to know we can count on our local elected officials to stand up and make a difference for public education. As we’re beginning our new school year, the legislators are winding down their session, and through it all, we feel very supported and heard in East Texas.
  • We Are Lufkin!
    No matter where you go, you can always come home because “We Are Lufkin!”
  • Developing a love for reading
    When I was a little girl, I loved to go to garage sales with my grandmother and get books for pocket change. These books would open up my world from a single-wide trailer house in…