The Citywide Track meet is for students who qualified on their home primary/elementary campus to participate in a variety of track events against other students across the district. The event is coordinated by all of the PE coaches in the district. Congratulations to all of our student athletes!

 2024 City Wide Results:

 Medicine Ball Throw:

Kinder Girl:  Haven Spencer, Dunbar, 6’1.5”

Kinder Boy:  JaBrill Handy, Kurth, 10’4”

1st Girls: Neriah McNeal, Herty, 9’8”

1st Boys:  Leon Reyes, Herty, 9’6”

2nd Girls: Aliyah Josey, Slack, 12’9”

2nd Boys:  Brendan McKelvey, Dunbar, 14’6”

3rd Girls:  Alicia Dove, Brookhollow, 12’2”

3rd Boys: Desmond Billups, Slack, 12’7”

4th Girls: Christina Delacruz, Slack, 12’6”

4th Boys: Trace George, Slack, 16’5”

5th Girls:  Anahi Veliz, Slack, 16’2”

5th Boys: Gunnar Havard, Slack, 20’4”

Tire Flip First Place Finishers:

Kinder Girl: Kataleya Perez, Herty, 29.72

Kinder Boy: Daniel Martinez, Herty, 26.83

1st Girls: Evelyn DeJesus, Kurth, 21.70

1st Boys:  Jackson JJ Landrum, Dunbar, 20.01

2nd Girls: Eveline Jacobo, Herty, 22.82

2nd Boys: Brendan McKelvey, Dunbar, 16.98

3rd Girls: Rosalie Leyja, Coston, 17.33

3rd Boys: Desmond Billups, Slack, 17.40

4th Girls: Elena Jones, Coston, 17.22

4th Boys: Trace George, Slack, 14.22

5th Girls: Kaelyn Martin, Brandon, 16.03

5th Boys: Aidan Parks, Brookhollow, 15.22

50 m Dash:

Kinder Girl: Azlynn Thompson, Trout, 9.46

Kinder Boy:  Major Nelson, Dunbar, 9.51

1st Girls:  Allison Ochoa, Trout, 9.35

1st Boys:  Ameir Johnson, Dunbar, 8.00

2nd Girls: Jayden Reggie, Herty, 8.19

2nd Boys:  Kaison Simmons, Herty, 7.50

3rd Girls: Mckylah Dixon, Brandon, 7.84

3rd Boys: Ma Lique Credit, Brandon, 7.09

4th Girls:  Rubi Rivera, Anderson, 7.14

4th Boys: Peyton Scott, Anderson, 7.16

5th Girls:  Taelyn Powell, Slack, 7.10

5th Boys:  Adrian Medina, Brookhollow, 6.99

50 m Hurdles:

Kinder Girl: Jazlynn Moore, Herty, 10.26

Kinder Boy: (tie) Joseph Mitchell, Dunbar and Josue Sandoval, Burley 11.00

1st Girls: Kimora Thomas, Kurth, 9.37

1st Boys:  Bryson Ware, Herty, 9.82

2nd Girls: Aaliyah White, Herty, 9.65

2nd Boys: JaDaryon King, Trout, 9.19

3rd Girls: Za’riah Burns, Coston, 8.39

3rd Boys: Aaden Boone, Coston, 8.66

4th Girls: Azalea Palmer, Anderson, 8.15

4th Boys: Kevon Gillaspie, Coston, 8.64

5th Girls:  Nayelli Cruz, Anderson, 8.57

5th Boys:  Jaydence Doggett, Anderson, 8.06

100m dash:

Kinder Girl:  Phoenix Rawls, Kurth, 18.90

Kinder Boy:  Lincoln Taylor, Trout, 18.66

1st Girls:  Apollonia Williams, Trout, 17.90

1st Boys: Octavius Hulett, Herty, 17.21

2nd Girls: Seniyah Smith, Kurth, 17.33

2nd Boys:  Ja’Siah Jessie, Herty, 16.21

3rd Girls: Sloane Davis, Brandon, 15.34

3rd Boys: Desimond Coutee, Jr., Brookhollow, 14.25

4th Girls: Mya Taylor, Brandon, 14.76

4th Boys: Jhase Johnson, Brookhollow, 14.64

5th Girls: Ryhlei Dixon, Brookhollow, 14.40

5th Boys: Jadarius Henderson, Brandon, 14.56

200m relay:

Kinder Girls:  Burley, 46.32

Kinder Boys: Dunbar, 42.15

1st Girls:  Dunbar, 43.21

1st Boys: Herty, 37.40

2nd Girls:  Herty, 37.51

2nd Boys: Herty, 36.07

400m relay:

3rd Girls: Brandon, 1:06.08

3rd Boys: Coston, 1:03.64

4th Girls:  Brandon, 1:03.81

4th Boys:  Brandon, 1:05.58

5th Girls:  Coston, 1:03.13

5th Boys:  Brandon, 1:01.97

400m coed relay:

Kinder: Trout, 1:20.58

1st:  Dunbar, 1:16.51

2nd: Dunbar, 1:12.84

3rd: Brookhollow, 1:07.39

4th: Brandon, 1:05.84

5th: Brookhollow, 1:03.22

(Photos by: SHEILA ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)