Everyone has a story. The first Lufkin Living Library Event made that evident. The event was a unique collection of “human books” held on Monday evening at the Museum of East Texas. Three of the participants were Lufkin ISD employees: Legal Counsel for the District, Wayne Haglund; District Translator Jenny McQuilkin and Advanced Academics Director Alison Hillis.

Haglund’s book title was “How Did I Get Here? All the Giants Who Carried Me!”. He spoke about the “giants” who aren’t your typical giants—they’re the most amazing community members.

McQuilkin’s book title was “A Leap of Faith, a Journey Amidst Endless Dangers”. Her story was about faith, courage, bravery and determination of a young Mexican girl who succeeded against every trial that came her way, making her resilient to be able to overcome the barriers and fears of her past life.

Alison Hillis’s book title was “I’m Sorry, What? Navigating Culture Shock”. Her story was about how one might  think that a Canadian who speaks English, grew up watching American television, and even traveling on occasion to the United States would find moving to Texas easy. Guess again!

Students and community members perused the “human books” but the difference of a “living library” is that they were able to ask questions of the main character. All brought props, too, to tell their story.

The event was in collaboration with the 21st Century Texas ACE program and the Museum of East Texas. 

Photos by: SHEILA ADAMS/Lufkin ISD