Back row from left: Katie Usher, Aubryn Holmes, Jessica Barnett Front row from left: Dixie Headley, Cassidy Burch, Nicholas Chapa

If you need a quick pick-me-up this week, swing by Starbucks Coffee on Timberland Drive where your spirits will be lifted by inspirational stickers and cards crafted by Brandon Elementary students in the Kindness Club.

Torie Comeaux, barista at Starbucks, said her customers are really enjoying the cards by the students. She posed for a photo with one of the cups with a sticker inscribed “make your day shine with a smile” (with “smile” underlined three times in little people handwriting decorated with pink hearts).

Katie Usher, media specialist at Brandon Elementary and co-creator of the Brandon Elementary Kindness Club, said she received word that people were teary-eyed when they read the comments on their cups at Starbucks.

“It’s the little things,” she said.

Members of the Kindness Club couldn’t agree more.

“It’s cool to reach out to not only make school a better place but our community, too,” Ainsley Self, 5th grader, said.

Nicholas Chapa, 4th grader, said he likes being in the Kindness Club.

Torie Comeaux, barista at Starbucks, said her customers are really enjoying the cards by the students.

“We open the doors, share supplies with other students and make nice notes to make their day,” he said.

“We like to be kind, play with others, spread joy and help people,” Dixie Headley, 3rd grader, said.

Cassidy Burch, 3rd grader, said she joined the club because her mom encouraged her to fill out the application.

“My mom said I was a kind girl and I helped to do dishes and chores around the house,” Cassidy said. “I like to spread joy to others and help people.”

Jessica Barnett, counselor at Brandon Elementary and co-creator of the Kindness Club, said that 27 students are in the club that was started with money from an Education Foundation grant.

“The grant provided supplies, stickers, colors, and items for the Sunshine cart,” said Barnett. “I think it’s important to recognize kiddos who are very kind and give them outlets to be kind so they can show their peers. We picked all grades and they are our Kindness Ambassadors. They can be leaders in the classroom and on campus.”

Ainsley enjoys being a Kindness Ambassador.

“People see us, that we are the Kindness Club people, and give us ideas on how to make people happy,” Ainsley said. “Like the Sunshine cart— we bring a little sunshine. Making them smile makes me smile.”

The Sunshine cart has goodies, pens, snacks, and such for teachers that the students take around to share a little sunshine with the staff.

During the week of National Random Acts of Kindness otherwise known as Brandon Acts of Kindness, students from the Kindness Club will make daily announcements and dress up for a kindness theme each day.

“I love showing kindness to others by helping them,” Aubryn Holmes, 5th grader, said. “There was a girl sitting alone on the playground and I went and played with her. I would be kind even if there was not a club.”