The call went out and the people answered. Trout Primary Assistant Principal Amanda Aguilar sent out a request on Facebook and through email to collect scarves, hats and mittens, which kicked off the Kozy Kidz Campaign. The response was overwhelming.

I need help, but first let me set the scene…Yesterday at school we were creating a snowman craft and the snowman was wearing a scarf. One of my first grade girls slumped her shoulders and stated, “I’ve never owned a scarf, my mommy has no money.” This literally kept me up in the middle of the night thinking about a little girl and her desire for a scarf. Sooooo, I would like to start a campaign to get 150 scarves donated over the next three weeks as the temperatures plummet. If any of you would be willing to part with some old scarves or new, we are thankful for any, we would love to provide each little girl with a scarf for the colder months ahead.With that being said I don’t want to leave my dapper gentleboys out either so I would also like to campaign for 150 beanies/toboggans or sets of gloves for them. You can contact me via messenger or text or bring donations by Trout, anything old or new is appreciated.

“I was hoping three weeks would be enough time,” Aguilar said. “I wanted the scarves by Feb. 1. I had 150 scarves within 30 minutes!”
Aguilar reported that she received 509 scarves, 578 beanies and 736 pairs of gloves.
“It was more than I could imagine,” Aguilar said. “At the beginning of the year, I was thinking ‘What am I good at?’ I can’t draw or sing, God, but I’ve got some snap. Here’s my heart, mind, hands. Use it. This was on my heart, that some kid will be warm.”
On Friday, the students excitedly gathered in the cafeteria to see what was in the gift bags stuffed with tissue paper on the stage. Aguilar read them a story about an assistant principal helping with a snowman craft and a little girl that wanted a scarf.
When all the bags were distributed and the children were told to peek inside, the children squealed with joy. They immediately put on their gloves, some with two fingers where one should be. The boys donned their beanies and toboggans and the girls proudly wrapped their scarves around their necks. The students left the cafeteria and headed out into the cold where they were toasty from the donations and the hearts of those who donated.
“I literally had no clue it would get this big,” Aguilar said. “The community has been phenomenal — beautiful people I don’t even know.”
The extras will be shared with Trout’s sister school Brookhollow Elementary. Thank you to all who donated and helped an assistant principal fill a need for one that touched every child at Trout Primary.