Lufkin Middle School Dress for Success Club


The Dress for Success Club, founded by Tracy Mitchell and Victoria Ross at Lufkin Middle School, dressed up and dined out to showcase the etiquette skills they’ve learned. The club is designed to teach students to model discernment when it comes to fashion. According to Victoria Ross, the club’s values directly correlate with curriculum for social decorum, character education, life skills, and money management.

“These skills are detrimental when students enter the phases of college, career paths, and beyond,” she said.

The students were exposed to fine dining at Pelican Pointe where they were able to put their skills to the test.

“Students wore their club blazers and represented Lufkin ISD well,” Ross said.

Special thanks to LMS Principal Mr. Andres Mijares, Associate Principal Mollie Havard, Benita Bennett, Sonna Young, Katie Pruitt and the LHS Fashion Design Club for altering the students’ blazers and GearUp.