From left: Cash and Cadyn Clifton

Twin brothers, Cash and Cadyn Clifton, were excited about competing at the Angelina County Fair in the Junior Shotgun event even if it meant competing against each other. This is the first year the category of Junior Shotgun was added as an event at the Fair.

Cash and Cadyn are fifth graders at Brandon Elementary and have many things in common.

“My favorite subject is math,” said Cash. “It’s my strong suit.”

“Me, too,” said Cadyn.

” My favorite hero is my dad or one of my uncles,” said Cadyn.

“Me, too,” said Cash.

Both are in Blue Ribbon 4H, both have twin sisters and both enjoy shooting guns, but then they also have some dissimilarities. They do not favor in looks. Cadyn loves to be outdoors and Cash likes sports more. One is a minute older and the other is out to beat his brother in next year’s competition.

Cash received a belt buckle, banner and backpack for winning first place in the Junior Shotgun competition and his brother, Cadyn, missed first place by one shot.

“We had to shoot moving targets with a shotgun,” said Cadyn.

“You could bring your own or borrow one of theirs,” said Cash.

“We started practicing in November,” said Cadyn. “We tied most of the time. I’m going to beat him next year.”

Both boys have been shooting since a young age and learned from their dad and grandpa. They go deer hunting and live on a farm.

“We have chickens, horses, dogs, cats,” said Cadyn.

“And ducks,” added Cash.

In unison they said, “Next year we want to show a pig.”

And of course, compete in the shotgun event.

Congratulations to these exceptional young men!