From left: Kivana Ford, Paris Alexander, LaToya Hernandez, Keyana Porter Mark, Kyndall Deckard, Annie Olford, Mya Tayloe, Joe Ceasar, AJ Emmons – Not pictured: Ayden Ramen.


Lufkin Middle School and Communities In School (CIS) sponsored a Black History essay/art contest for Lufkin Middle School students in honor of Black History Month. Angelina County Citizens Chamber donated six $50 gift cards to the winners. Winners of the contest include eighth grader Paris Alexander who drew a picture of Harriet Tubman; sixth grader Kyndall Deckard who wrote an essay about Simone Biles; seventh grader Mya Tayloe who drew symbols and characters of Black History; seventh grader AJ Emmons wrote an essay about Harriet Tubman, eighth grader Keyana Porter Mark wrote an essay about Rosa Parks and sixth grader Ayden Ramen drew a picture. Board members of the Angelina County Citizens Chamber who presented the awards are LaToya Hernandez, Annie Olford,  Joe Ceasar and Executive Director Kivana Ford. Special thanks to Aryn Ricks, CIS Coordinator for facilitating the contest.