The Texas Army National Guard and the Texas High School Coaches Association recognize the 2022-23 Academic All-State Recipients.

In Cross Country: Grant Ashby ELITE, Jacqueline Silva 1st Team

In Volleyball: BreeAnna Hodges 1st Team, Morgan Kier Honorable Mention, Libby Flores Honorable Mention


Grant Ashby



Jacqueline Silva


Bree Hodges

Morgan Kier

Libby Flores



To be recognized as an Academic All-State Recipients, nominations must be made by the head coach of the prospective sport and the head coach must be a member. The nominations are sent to the THSCA for review. When reviewing the nominations, the THSCA considers each students’ GPA, class rank, SAT and/or ACT score. The students receive points based on each criteria. The total number of points they receive determines which team they are placed on.

The best team a player can make is the Elite Team. It is a great honor to make the Elite team, as a player must have near perfect scores in all categories. The hierarchy then follows in this order:
1st Team
2nd Team
Honorable Mention

According to the Texas High School Coaches Association and Coaches Education Foundation website:

“We understand that students’ performance in the classroom can sometimes be difficult to manage while participating in athletics, but their hard work has not gone unnoticed. The THSCA Academic All-State Teams recognize high school athletes who excel in the following categories: GPA, class rank and ACT/SAT score. The students below are being recognized as a team member based on their scores in these categories. We applaud them for their commitment and dedication to perform with the highest of excellence academically and on the field or court.”

Congratulations to these students for success in and out of the classroom!