Lufkin ISD is applying for a grant from the Governor’s office to provide each of its campuses with a ballistic shield to protect school officers from an event like Uvalde. The Governor of Texas approved a $50 million grant for the purchase of the ballistic shields for schools. The money comes from $105.5 million, Abbott and state lawmakers set aside after the Uvalde shooting.

“The grant is non-matching, which means there’s no cost associated with this grant, and it will cover 100% of the cost of the ballistic shields,” said Jeff Taylor, Lufkin ISD police officer.

Lufkin ISD is the largest school district in Angelina County with an enrollment of more than 7,000 students, and 1,350 faculty and staff.

“The addition of ballistic shields to the equipment issued to officers with Lufkin ISD PD would allow them to more effectively respond to threats and/or active shooter incidents,” Officer Taylor said. “These would be another “tool” necessary to combat threats, thus making it a safer environment for our schools and community as a whole.”

Lufkin ISD PD is tasked with covering 14 campus locations, and 9 other facilities throughout the district. They work hand in hand with Lufkin PD on various training topics which includes ALERRT Training, manual door breaching techniques, barricaded subjects, and other dynamic entry methods.

Lufkin ISD is applying for 16 ballistic shields in the grant.

“That provides one for every officer and a couple of spares.  The total cost for 16 shields is $10,199.84,” said Officer Taylor.