The students at Slack Elementary had two special guest speakers who brought inspiration and expectations to the 5th graders. Daniel Campos, an Engineer from Lockheed Martin, and Isaac Montilla, an Officer from the Lufkin Police Department, spoke to the students about making goals, good choices, and to never give up.

“The goal was to show the kids that they are not alone in their struggles. Time and time again we see the youth be led in the wrong directions due to a lack of role models and positive influences. They talked about not giving up, set a goal, and to choose their friends wisely,” said Angelica Palacios, Assistant Principal at Slack Elementary.

The students were able to ask questions and one asked about how to keep up study habits.

“Being disciplined requires you to do what you have to do long after the feeling of wanting to do it has left,” said Mr. Campos.

Thank you to Mr. Campos and Officer Mantilla for being role models for our students!