Mr. Neal getting ready with an extra layer of chapstick!


Under blue skies and a cool breeze, Lufkin High School Principal Andre Emmons, along with Associate Principal Harlan Neal and CTE Director Stephen Rhoades, kissed farm animals to help raise money for the Lufkin High School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

If students were able to raise $1,000, the farm animals would be brought to school during lunch time and line up for kisses by the principals and directors.

The students reached the $1,000 goal, and the kissing commenced today.

Mr. Rhoades commented that this wasn’t his first time but he only kisses champions. Lambo, Evan Ehrlich’s lamb, stepped up for the task.

Mr. Neal applied chap stick before he puckered up for the lamb. The funds raised will help students pay for local, state and national affiliation dues. Dr Emmons rounded out the kissing by planting one on Skunk, Bree Hodges’ goat.

All in good fun, the principals and directors were pleased the students were able to raise the money and the event raised awareness of the FCCLA.