From left: Andres Mijares, LMS Principal; Aryn Ricks, Communities in Schools Site Coordinator; Cavon Phillips, Salvation Army Executive Director Corps Officer


Lufkin Middle School students raised $2,000 for the local Salvation Army through the Red Envelope Challenge hosted by Communities in Schools.

“Students brought money to their homeroom classes. I couldn’t believe how much they raised. The classes that raised the most money had a pizza party. The contest went from December 6 to 10. The class winners were Ms. Noble’s’ 6th grade class, Ms. Rodriguez’s and Ms. Muir’s 7th grade classes and Ms. Willson’s 8th grade class,” said Aryn Ricks, Communities in Schools Site Coordinator at Lufkin Middle School.

Cavon Phillips, Executive Director and Corps Officer for Salvation Army was impressed with the sizable donation the students were able to collect.

“It’s impressive! Especially to know that it was raised by kids. Kids not thinking about themselves but thinking about others. These kids displayed a heart of service and they helped out a lot of people. The money will be used for financial support and meals. It’s nice that they were caring enough to think about others,” said Phillips.

LMS Principal Mr. Mijares praised the work of Ms. Ricks who has done a tremendous job at the middle school in the short few months she’s been on the campus.

“Ms. Ricks did an outstanding job working with the kids and getting students involved in the community. She has made a positive impact in a short amount of time,” said Mijares.

The Communities In Schools program is a “stay-in-school” local network that is designed to help remove barriers that stand in the way of the educational success of students. Together with volunteers or community organizations, they collaborate to bring “community” to schools so that students can receive what they need.