From left: Madeline Gipson, Andrea Lawrence, Darah Lawrence, Joyce Olvera

The Texas Tech University School of Art (TTU SoA) hosted a “State of Texas High School Art” competition exhibition. The virtual exhibition application was open to all current or graduating high school students within the state of Texas. However, only high school art teachers could submit works by students in their class.

Eight student pieces were entered from Lufkin High School with four students placing among the 130 pieces received.

Madeline Gipson (senior), Andrea Lawrence (junior), Darah Lawrence (senior), and Joyce Olvera (senior) were among the 46 chosen for the virtual exhibition.

The jury panel is composed of both 2D and 3D professors at TTU SoA. In recent years, high school students were able to have their portfolios reviewed at TTU SoA open houses where the School of Art welcomed students, teachers, parents and community members to the exhibition.

“In years past, schools only around Texas Tech could participate in the competition but because of COVID they opened it to students all around the state. They reached out to all of the art teachers in the state asking them to enter three students with one piece per student,” said Denis Davis, LHS art teacher.

The winning pieces are displayed virtually through a Youtube presentation.

Madeline Gipson’s piece was created from a place where she had traveled.

“I love nature. I went to Bandelier National Park in New Mexico on vacation and it blew me away. It reminded me of the Garden of Eden. I fell in love with it,” said Madeline.

Andrea Lawrence’s painting titled “Turtle” was a spontaneous creation. Andrea likes to paint first and interpret later. Her painting is a monoprint.

“I like experiment layering texture. This painting reminded me of a turtle,” Andrea said.

“I’m already proud of the quality of work our students create. Their work holds up when being judged by college professors. It holds up against students across the state. I know not everyone is going into art, but the joy of creating and the skills you learn, that’s a lifelong gift they can use wherever they go,” said Davis.

Madeline Gipson 12th “Bandelier National Park”, 2021 painting
Darah Lawrence 12th “Forgotten”,2021 sculpture
Joyce Olvera 12th, “Fox and Koi”, 2021 mixed media drawing
Andrea Lawrence 11th, “Turtle”, 2021 monoprint