Don Muhlbach                                     Joseph Ceasar

Don Muhlbach, who has been on the Lufkin ISD School Board since May of 2013, presented his letter of resignation to the board in a closed session at Thursday evening’s May board meeting. Today, a special board meeting was called to discuss the acceptance of Muhlbach’s resignation and appoint a new member to the board. The session also included agenda items to increase summer school pay, review the budget calendar, and have a budget workshop.

“Don Muhlbach has turned in his notice of resignation to be an ever-present grandfather in College Station. He will be sorely missed and irreplaceable. We don’t want to see him go,” said Hall Henderson, board president.

Henderson mentioned that Muhlbach has new twin grandbabies.

“We’re happy for the whole Muhlbach family,” said Matt Knight, board member.

With the resignation on the table, the board went on to discuss options for a new board member.

Scott Skelton, board member, brought up the name of Joseph Ceasar.

“Joseph Ceasar has done a lot for our community. He’s a West Point graduate, which is impressive in and of itself. He has ties to the community,” he said.

Knight agreed with Skelton that Joseph Ceasar was a great candidate and mentioned that both he and his wife already volunteer at Lufkin Middle School.

Henderson echoed that he would be an outstanding candidate.

“He has already shown interest in what we do as a board,” said Henderson.

“Mr. Ceasar has an idea of the make up and background of our kids. He would bring diversity to the board and would be very positive,” said Henderson.

Kristi Gay, board vice president, said that he’s a a pastor, an entrepreneur, and works with non-profits to improve financial literacy in our community.

“I think what he could bring to this board would be exceptional,” she said.

Allyson Langston, board secretary, said she felt that the board already works well as a team and that she is certain that he would be able to fit right in.

The board moved to reluctantly accept Muhlbach’s resignation and approved the appointment of Ceasar to be sworn in at the June 17 board meeting.

“We will miss Coach Muhlbach, but we welcome Joseph with open arms,” said Henderson.

Joseph Ceasar is a 1997 graduate of Dwight D. Eisenhower (Texas) High School. He earned a B.S. in Political Science (American Politics) from the United States Military Academy @ West Point in 2001. In 2010, Joe earned his MBA from the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business with a concentration in Finance. Joe is the Founder and Executive Director of the Legacy Institute for Financial Education (LIFE) which operates the Juzi Spot, LIFE Tech, Generation A, Lufkin Urban Garden & Market, the Wazo Project, and Legacy Institute’s Financial Opportunity. Within LIFE, Joe and his wife Allanah provide financial empowerment to the most vulnerable members of our community with knowledge, experience and resources. Joe and Allanah moved to Lufkin in 2014 for Joe to serve as the Minister of the O’Quinn Street Church of Christ. Since moving to Lufkin, he has served as an Advisor for the Small Business Development Center at Angelina College for over a year and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for several local nonprofit organizations including the Angelina Arts Alliance, Angelina County Citizen’s Chamber of Commerce, the Lufkin Adult Learning Center, and the Planning and Zoning Committee for the City of Lufkin. He is also a member of the Concerned Black Men of Lufkin, Inc.