Thanks to our friends at the Medicine Shoppe and Woodland Heights Medical Center


Johnny Hargroue, Certified Pharmacy Technician at the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, reached out to Lufkin ISD to help coordinate a vaccine clinic for educators. Educators and school staff are now listed in the priority group and are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The pharmacy was able to provide 95 Johnson & Johnson vaccines for the staff. Along with help from the nurses at Woodland Heights Medical Center and the Lufkin ISD nursing staff, the clinic ran seamlessly at the DEC building.

“Everything worked well thanks to the Lufkin ISD staff, Admin, DEC, nurses and our community partners the Medicine Shoppe and Woodland Heights Medical Center,” said Jan Fulbright, Lufkin ISD Director of Nursing.

Between the hours of 9 a.m and noon, the employees were checked in, issued the vaccine, and had ample room to wait the suggested 15 minutes before returning back to work. The staff at DEC and Administration helped with the logistics of the operation.

After giving the last dose, one of the nurses from Woodland Heights said they would be happy to help again.

She said, “Whatever we can do so we can stop people from dying alone.”

Mr. Hargroue expressed his interest in helping again and will hopefully receive more vaccine from the state in order to provide access for Lufkin ISD staff who are and have been essential workers.