Back row Left to Right: Meshanda Deason, Emily Bagwell, Hayden Futch, Alana Villarreal, Elizabeth Varner
Next Row: Adam Awtrey, Madeline McCollum
Next Row: Carson Wojasinski, Madeline Gipson, Destiny Stanbery, Jaylen Sowell, JaNyla Wilkerson
Bottom Row: Alicia Mitchell, Maddyn Hartzog, Rishona Mopur, Alyssa Nolin


This past weekend, LHS Choir Students auditioned for the TMEA All-Region Choir. The following students earned a spot in the Region Choir. Students who ranked in the top 15 chairs will also advance to the Pre-Area Round in December. The LHS choir is under the direction of Nicole Stewart.

Madeline McCollum, Soprano 1, second Chair

Alicia Mitchell, Soprano 1, 9th Chair 

Rishona Mopur, Soprano 2, 1st Chair

Lily Varner, Soprano 2, 2nd Chair

Maddyn Hartzog, Soprano 2, 5th Chair

Alyssa Nolin, Soprano 2, 6th Chair

Alana Villarreal, Soprano 2, 8th Chair 

JaNyla Wilkerson, Alto 1, 1st Chair

Jaylen Sowell, Alto 1, 2nd Chair

Maddie Gipson, Alto 1, 7th Chair

Destiny Stanberry, Alto 1, 16th Chair

Meshanda Deason, Alto 1, 18th Chair

Valerie Hernandez, Alto 1, 20th Chair 

Adam Awtrey, Bass 1, 1st Chair

Carson Wojasinski, Bass 1, 10th Chair

Hayden Futch, Bass 1, 11th Chair