Students, teachers, family members, and other stakeholders across our community are invited to select the two Official Mission Patches for SSEP Mission 14 to the International Space Station (ISS). Lufkin ISD has two patches in the running.

Replicas of these patches will be affixed to the outside of the Mission 14 payload box containing the 33 flight experiments. The two Official Mission Patches will be selected from the Mission 14 communities’ 50 Flight Patches flying with their flight experiments. Voting begins today and will continue through 3:00 pm Eastern Time, September 28, 2020.

As a participating community, Lufkin ISD conducted a two-patch art and design competition for elementary and middle school students. The competition had two categories – an elementary school division (4th grade students), with 560 designs submitted, and a middle school division (6th-8th grade students enrolled in an art elective class), with 772 designs submitted. After holding a local contest, two patches were submitted.

The winning elementary patch was designed by Cami Hartzog, 4th grade student from Brandon Elementary School. The winning middle school patch was designed by Paola Diaz, 8th grade student from Lufkin Middle School.

It is with great pride to submit these student-designed patches from the Pineywoods of East Texas for their journey to the International Space Station.

Please take a moment to vote today for our students’ patches to win. You may only vote once.

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For more information on the Mission 14 Patch Contest, click here.