Chazz Edwards’ classmates show their support for him by wearing blue for Diabetes Awareness Month.

Chazz Edwards, a third grader at Brandon Elementary, has diabetes, but he is not alone. His classmates, teachers, and nurses gathered together to not only create awareness for the disease, but to show support for one of their own. The students enjoyed healthy, sugar-free snacks. They wore blue, wrote notes of encouragement, and blew bubbles for their friend and classmate.

Chazz’s mom, Y’Shieka Edwards, said that Chazz was a one-year-old child when he was diagnosed with diabetes.

She said, “He was a big baby weighing in at ten pounds when he was born. I couldn’t work for the first five years of his life because I was taking care of him.”

Managing diabetes is no easy task. Chazz has an insulin pump but still has to be monitored throughout the day.

Missy Perry, nurse at Brandon Elementary, said, “He comes to my office at least four times a day.”

If his blood sugar is too high, he’ll drink water or receive insulin. If it’s too low, juice works.

Nurses from all of the campuses where he has attended school came to the celebration. They are Jan Fulbright from Herty Primary, Missy Perry from Brandon Elementary, Tammy Haney from Trout Primary, and Becky Barrett from Garrett Primary.

While living with diabetes can be complicated, Chazz was smiling from ear to ear that his friends and family were celebrating him.

Nurse Perry said Chazz told her he was looking forward to celebrating “his month”.

For more information on diabetes, log on to the American Diabetes Association at