Lufkin ISD Police Officer Lieutenant David Rodriguez and Lufkin ISD Director of Nursing Jan Fulbright conducted the first Stop the Bleed training beginning with the primary school leaders. Lufkin ISD is training staff and 7th through 12th grade students on the Stop the Bleed protocol in the event of a traumatic injury. The training is required by the state with the issuance of House Bill 496.
To paraphrase the bill:
     The bill requires each district to develop and annually make available a protocol for school employees and volunteers to follow in the event of a traumatic injury. The district/school must make available bleeding control stations for use in the event of a traumatic injury involving blood loss. Districts must annually offer instruction to students in grades 7-12 on the use of a bleeding control station from appropriate personnel who have received the training. Districts/charters must develop and implement the required protocol as soon as possible, but no later than Jan. 1, 2020.
     Peyton Ware from the Deep East Texas Regional Advisory Council provided the training dummies for the staff to use to practice packing wounds and putting tourniquets on major injuries. The school district has purchased 100 Stop the Bleed kits that will include supplies such as quick clot gauze and tourniquets.