The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation funded 25 grants to teachers on 11 different campuses in the amount of $58,276.45. The Grant Patrol set out early this morning to surprise the teachers with the drum line, cheerleaders, noise makers and cowbells, community members, board members and enormous checks. This is the day the Education Foundation celebrates creative and innovative teacher ideas and turns them into a reality. The Education Foundation hosts a number of activities and events in order to raise money to supply these grants. To find out how you can support the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation, click here.

Grants and recipients:

Spark! – Suzy Jungmann, Vada Hughes, LHS Stem Academy Teacher

Legomania in the Library, Jo Martin

Comfort with a constant Hug – Tracy Morris, Lena Nickle, Jill Riggs

Science, the Building Blocks of Life – Allison Guse, Brenda Ehrlich, Tori Watson
The Kinesthetic Classroom –  Katherine Todd, Destiny Handy
The Sandbox – Michele Forrest, Brad Stewart
Student News Network – Amanda Gentry, Susan Liles, Deana Mastin, April Torres
Coffee Cart Friday – Abby McCarty, Shannon McBreaty, Morgan Crain
Learning Alive – Angela Duncan. Mary Beth Powell, Heather Price, Carla Smith
Put me in Coach – Aby Goff, Wyndie Shepherd
OSMO Innovators – Kirby Bryce, Nikki Neal, Alyson Duncan, Amy Beaudion
Breakout Classroom – Tori Watson, Matty Dupree, Hallie Wallace, Carey Stewart
Breaking News – Connie Burkett, Lydia McMullen, Stacey McCarty
Parkour and Obstacle Course – Aby Goff, Wyndie Shepherd
Stemtastic Learning Fun – Angela Hancock, Caroline Leslie
Learning to Play and Playing to Learn – Heather Price, Jamie Mahan
Sensation Stations – Andrea Walker, Marilyn Kegler, Suzanne Langford, Ashley Self
Giving a Voice to Every Child – Kristian Taylor, Melinda Bowman, Aley Vardemann, Kim Kassaw
Sensory Play – Aby Goff, Shirlene Mahoney
Suds and Skills – Kayla Springfield, Amy Rhoades, Teri Watson, Jennifer Smith
Oh the Places We Will Go – Angela Hancock, Caroline Leslie, Tina Luna, Mabel Havard
Frequent Flyer Miles – Amy Bennett, Emily Lawrence, Veronica Bryan, Jena Rouse, Kenneth Clark, Andre Thompson, Jane Semetko
Passport to the Past – Amy Bennett, Joy Johns, Susan Harris, Dyson Nickle, Brian Crumbie, Mark Kreid
Set the Stage to Engage – Angela Duncan