1st place East District Texas Public Safety Association, TPSA JeKalyn Moultrie

Five Lufkin High School students will be heading to state competition in criminal justice categories on March 27-29 at Bryan, Texas.

 Foot Pursuit: Individual event: 1st place East District Texas Public Safety Association, TPSA:

JeKalyn Moultrie, senior, 2nd year of competition (Placed 3rd building search last year at Skills USA; 4 man team),  2018-2019 team captain & SWAT event

Building search: 4 man team event: 2nd place East District Texas Public Safety Association, TPSA:

Brenda Medina, junior, 2nd year of competition, captain

Ty’Adrian Moultrie, sophomore, 1st year of competition, felony traffic stop

From left: Ty’Adrian Moultrie, Brenda Medina, Elijah Barney, Daniel Del Toro

Daniel Del Toro, junior, 3rd year on teams, 2nd year to compete & felony traffic stop

Elijah Barney, senior, 1st year to compete

Students who competed:

Harley Ledford, senior, 2nd year of competition, Team captain SWAT event  & foot pursuit

Garrett Thomas, sophomore, 1st year, foot pursuit and SWAT

Kayla Barrera, junior, 2nd year, Felony Traffic Stop and SWAT

Richard Budjenska, senior, 1st year, obstacle course and SWAT

Luis Ibarra, sophomore, 2nd year, felony traffic stop and obstacle course

Criminal Justice Team