From left: John Alson, Brookshire Brothers CEO; Clay Oliver, Brookshire Brothers CFO; Shelli Ellis, Education Foundation Board President; Kristi Gay, Education Foundation Board Vice-President; Vercie McMullen, Education Foundation Executive Director; Allanah Ceasar, Education Foundation Board Member; Jamie Zayler, Education Foundation Board Member; Chase Luce, Education Foundation Board Member

The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation received a monetary donation from the Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation that will be used to help fund innovative teacher grants that will benefit students in the classroom. The Education Foundation was among the 26 nonprofit organizations and five education foundations to be awarded a donation. According to a press release from Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation, the grants give organizations the resources they need to continue living out their mission of serving those in need.


John Alston, Brookshire Brothers President, CEO and Charitable Foundation Board Member commented in the release saying, “You make things happen in your communities. You change lives. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help you live out your mission. We thank you for what you do every day.”


Shelli Ellis, President of the Education Foundation Board, said, “The Education Foundation was formed to provide teachers the resources needed to implement ‘above and beyond’ learning in the classroom. With donations from our community partners like Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation, we are able to make those dreams a reality. Our students are the true beneficiaries of this gift.”


The mission of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students of the Lufkin Independent School District.