From left: Tracy Jackson, Jan Fulbright, Latifah Fleniken

Latifah Fleniken, Registered Nurse, and Tracy Jackson, Nurse Assistant & Respiratory Therapist, both from Lufkin Middle School received the Purple Heart of Excellence Award, an award given by the Lufkin ISD Health Services department to recognize campus nurses who go above and beyond.

Nurse Fleniken has been with the district for the past three years, and Nurse Jackson, four years. Director of Nursing, Jan Fulbright complimented both nurses on their ability to handle such a huge case load.

She said, “On average they see 85 to 100 students per day, more than most campuses see in a whole week. They just stood out because of their efforts with shot records, how organized they are, and the unique situations on their campus.”


Congratulations to Nurse Fleniken and Nurse Jackson.