Pictured is Jan Fulbright, Director of Nursing and Cheryl McCarroll, nurse at Anderson Elementary.

Cheryl McCarroll, Anderson Elementary nurse, was given the Purple Heart of Excellence Award, an award given by the Lufkin ISD Health Services department to recognize campus nurses who go above and beyond.

Nurse McCarroll has been a nurse at Anderson Elementary for the past three years. She uses her nursing skills, as well as technology skills, to get the job done. Director of Nursing, Jan Fulbright said she was an absolute computer whiz.

She said, “She is on fire! She is helpful to everyone. She helps with our data mining across to other campuses, too.”

Mrs. Fullbright went on to say how they depend on her medical advice.

She said, “She also has attention to detail and can tell you what to do in a medical situation.

Mrs. Fullbright described an incident where a three-year-old child had a bead up their nose and Nurse McCaroll knew just the trick to get it out. She does an excellent job in taking care of students.

Congratulations to Nurse McCarroll for a job well done!