Chief of LISD Police Jay Jost speaks about safety and security at the Panther Community Forum.

The Panther Community Forum, held last night at the Tom Jack Lucas Auditorium, was a platform for discussion on the update of the bond and school safety and security. Superintendent Lynn Torres spoke about the hiring of a Construction Manager at Risk and the details of what will happen next with the hopes of breaking ground in the spring. Lufkin ISD Police Chief Jay Jost spoke about the steps the district has taken to ensure safety, such as installing more cameras, hiring more personnel including an officer canine, and training staff. A video was shown about how to Avoid, Deny, and Defend when put in a situation where there may be a shooter whether in a store, school or other public location.

After the presentation, there was a question & answer session. One of the questions asked was in the event of an emergency, who do the parents contact? Mrs. Torres answered the question by telling the audience that the Remind 101 texting system would be used, as well as the call out system. In case of an emergency, the district’s website and social media will have updated information for parents. Mrs. Torres did mention that parents do not need to rush to pick up students in case the school is in a lockdown situation. Parents may call the Lufkin ISD Police Department if they have concerns.

Another Panther Community Forum will be scheduled in the future. If there are topics you would like to hear, email Sheila Adams.