With football season right around the corner, Lufkin ISD is partnering with Yates Broadcasting on FM103.7 and AM1260 to broadcast the Panther Nation football games and spring sporting events with host Gary Ivins. The decision to buy airtime from Yates Broadcasting was made after Townsquare Media declined broadcasting any other sports except football.

Superintendent Lynn Torres, said, “The management at Townsquare Media felt that the airtime used on spring sports coverage did not “monetize” the station enough for them to continue the relationship with the district. They indicated that the fall sports profit had to pay for the spring sports airtime and was a wash. As a result of these decisions, the district has now hired Mr. Ivins to use the district’s equipment to broadcast sporting events.”

Gary Ivins will continue to host coaches’ shows and half-time interviews. The district’s decision to broadcast on radio was made to provide a service to those who physically cannot get out to the games or attend out-of-town games, and for those in other towns or even military service overseas.

Mrs. Torres said, “Radio is still very popular in our community especially when it comes to Gary Ivins and the Lufkin Panthers. As of now, UIL does not allow schools to video broadcast live for football games, so the next best thing to actually being at the game is hearing it live on radio.”

She said, “We look forward to our partnership with Mr. Ivins and continuing his role as the voice of the Lufkin Panthers. We also appreciate Yates Broadcasting for working with the school district on providing a venue to air the games. It’s going to be a great football season!”

For advertisers interested in supporting the Lufkin Panthers, please contact Gary Ivins at Lufkin ISD at (936)630-4246 or email smadams@lufkinisd.org.